Saturday, 2 July 2011

hello school!

wow!tomorrow school.and im still didn't ready to prepare.more homework i didn't finish yet.because i am lazy.not more than my friends,teachers and new principal.i heard he always preferred chinesse students than indian or malay.i don't know.and i also heard that he from khatolit school.i don't know.i think he won't dare to do like that.maybe the students are wrong.hmmm..
i don't think soooooo...
but tomorrow i'll be shame because i didn't join the larian 1 malaysia.ahh..i want to go..but i can't because more problem.
as long as...
maybe i shall join it next year..
i can't wait..
okay thats all from me^^
maybe i will update this blog next month..
because trial will come i must to study is for my life too..and for my future..also my parents that give me lot of love and happoness:)
the other acc i have to stop too..maybe facebook its about 1 week only..
yeah..okay byeeee:D

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